Doctoral Supervision

I co-supervise René Mahieu at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. René is investigating the extent to which the right of access to personal data meets its objectives. His research combines legal scholarship with empirical methods.

Master Theses

I have supervised the following multi-disciplinary master thesis projects relating to current technology policy issues (as first supervisor):

Student Thesis Topic Year
A. Khaleghi Towards Achieving Gender Equality in Automated Loan Approval Processes 2020
E. Leontaris Experiment to Evaluate Vices & Opportunities of Micro-Targeted Ads in Public Policy 2020
T. Rovers Do They Really Value Your Privacy? Exploratory Analysis of Privacy Statements 2019
C. McMullen Policy Mythology: A Case Study 2019
T. van Biemen Personal Privacy in Practice: Putting the GDPR to Test with the Right of Access 2018
E. Turcios-Rodriguez Tracking Cookies in the European Union: an Empirical Analysis 2018
W. Moraal Privacy for Burdened Minds: Online Privacy Trade-offs on Cognitive Bandwidth 2018
B. Hup The Adoption and Diffusion of Privacy-Enhancing Technologies 2017
D. Rahmi-Faradina Towards the Adoption of EU General Data Protection Regulation: a Study of Business Perceptions 2017
J. Heins Improving Trust in Cloud Computing 2017
M. Baltoglou Exploring Merchants’ Reluctance to Adopt e-Commerce Anti-Fraud Tools 2017
R. Crone Big Data Veracity Assessment: Improving Risk Assessment in Contents Insurance Models 2016
S. Tajalizadehkhoob Online Banking Fraud Mitigation: a Study of Target Selection by Cyber Criminals 2013


I teach (have taught) the following courses (from the Magement of Technology, Engineering & Policy Analysis, and Complex Systems Eng. & Management master programs) at TU Delft:

I teach (have taught) at the following summer schools:

In the distant past, I have been an instructor for industry certificates in computer networking (CCNA) and software development (MCSD).

Last Update: Sep 2020.