Advising & Teaching

Doctoral Supervision

I co-supervise the following PhD students as part of the Public Interest AI Research Group at HIIG:

  • Freya Hewett → Automatic (German) Text Simplification
  • Judith Fassbender → Design Patterns for Public Interest AI
  • Sami Nenno → Claim Spotting: the Role and Automation of Fact-Checking

Previously, I co-supervised Dr. René Mahieu. René succseffuly defened his dissertation on The Right of Access to Personal Data in the EU: A Legal and Empirical Analysis at Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 2023.


In summer 2022, I taught the course AI in Society and Economics at the Digital Business University in Berlin (part of the Master of Data Science program).

In Feb 2023, I guest lectured on Problems of Technology for Society at University Göttingen’s (part of the Bachelor of Data Science program).

In previous years, I taught the following technology policy courses (mostly at TU Delft):

  • MOT1452—Inter- and Intra- Organizational Decision Making: 2016-2020 (course manager & main instructor) and 2012-2015 (TA)
  • SEN1151—Law and Institutions: 2017-2019 (guest lecturer for privacy law)
  • MOT2004—Preparation for Master Thesis: 2019-2020 (digital economy theme)
  • SEN1311—CoSEM Research Challenges: 2018 (privacy engingeering theme)
  • EPA1101—International Grand Challenges: 2017 (privacy governance theme)
  • MOT1003—Integration Moment: 2017-2018 (guest lecturer for IT policy)
  • TB321IA—Governance Specialization ICT: 2012-2015 and 2017-2018 (guest lecturer for internet gov.)
  • SPM5440—Cyber Security Essentials: 2013 (guest lecturer for security economics)

I have also taught at the following summer schools:

In the distant past, I have been an instructor for industry certificates in computer networking (CCNA) and software development (MCSD).

Master Theses

Between 2013 and 2020, I supervised the following multi-disciplinary master thesis projects relating to technology policy topics (as first supervisor):

Student Thesis Topic Year
A. Khaleghi Towards Achieving Gender Equality in Automated Loan Approval Processes 2020
E. Leontaris Experiment to Evaluate Vices & Opportunities of Micro-Targeted Ads in Public Policy 2020
T. Rovers Do They Really Value Your Privacy? Exploratory Analysis of Privacy Statements 2019
C. McMullen Policy Mythology: A Case Study 2019
T. van Biemen Personal Privacy in Practice: Putting the GDPR to Test with the Right of Access 2018
E. Turcios-Rodriguez Tracking Cookies in the European Union: an Empirical Analysis 2018
W. Moraal Privacy for Burdened Minds: Online Privacy Trade-offs on Cognitive Bandwidth 2018
B. Hup The Adoption and Diffusion of Privacy-Enhancing Technologies 2017
D. Rahmi-Faradina Towards the Adoption of EU General Data Protection Regulation: a Study of Business Perceptions 2017
J. Heins Improving Trust in Cloud Computing 2017
M. Baltoglou Exploring Merchants’ Reluctance to Adopt e-Commerce Anti-Fraud Tools 2017
R. Crone Big Data Veracity Assessment: Improving Risk Assessment in Contents Insurance Models 2016
S. Tajalizadehkhoob Online Banking Fraud Mitigation: a Study of Target Selection by Cyber Criminals 2013

Last Update: Jun 2023.